Teach the Language of Science to Children!

It is Jumbo Minds’ mission to increase the exposure to, basic understanding of, and enthusiasm for science and STEM in children through well-crafted books and related products.

The founders of Jumbo Minds are sisters who have backgrounds in education, science, and business. The sisters have combined their love of science and teaching with their entrepreneurial spirit. Annette Dunn, CEO, majored in biology and started her professional career in a chemistry lab. Jumbo Minds is the second company she started and directs. Corrine Knight, Chief Educational Officer, is a previously certified teacher with experience teaching primary, middle, and high school science and math curriculum. Their sister, Valeri Sewald, who spent most her career on Wall Street working in international sales, has recently joined the executive team and directs Jumbo Minds’ corporate messaging.

Science is everywhere and related to everything we know, experience, and dream of discovering. We live and breathe science, yet too many of our kids don’t speak the language. It is known that children’s brain connections grow incredibly quickly – way faster than adult brains — and because our children are capable of learning science at a younger age, the introduction of science vocabulary and concepts should begin earlier than primary school.

At Jumbo Minds, we dream of sparking a science revolution! Join us and speak science to your children!