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Teach the Language of Science to Children!

It is Jumbo Minds’ mission to increase children’s science literacy and inspire future innovators.

Jumbo Minds publishes books and products that introduce the language of science in a fun, engaging way.  We are meticulous that the scientific facts in our books are accurate, and have independent professors and scientific field leaders review each book before distribution.  The more children hear science terms, the more they can connect and engage with science/ STEM in their daily lives.

Science is everywhere and related to everything we know, experience, and dream of discovering. We live and breathe science, yet too many of our kids don’t speak the language. It is known that children’s brain connections grow incredibly quickly – way faster than adult brains — and because our children are capable of learning science at a younger age, the introduction of science vocabulary and concepts should begin earlier than primary school.

At Jumbo Minds, we dream of sparking a science revolution!


Jumbo Minds Future Scientists Literacy Initiative

Our Future Scientists Literacy Initiative was created to support teachers, parents, and schools as they empower children to better understand the world around them. Who knows – these kids may discover the next great breakthrough!

Connecting with the scientific language is the key. Browse the following Jumbo Minds’ programs and see where you can plug in!

Future Scientists Literacy Initiative programs:

Engage and help us expand children’s brains!

Interested in Donating?

Jumbo Minds Future Scientists Donation Program

The Jumbo Minds Future Scientists Donation Program was created as part of the company’s Future Scientists Literacy Initiative. This program will provide donations of STEM books and products to students, families, and schools with the goal of increasing global science literacy in young learners and creating a lifelong connection with STEM.

Donations can be facilitated directly through Jumbo Minds or through our non-profit partner organizations who work to support literacy.

Click here to Donate Now (through PayPal or using your credit/ debit card) to share the love of science and support future scientists.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to increasing science literacy!