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State of Science Literacy – Part 3 – Human Capacity for Early Learning

Early exposure to scientific language and concepts, reinforced with new detail as children grow, will better position our youth to successfully embrace science in school.   Let’s talk about children’s astounding brains!  In previous articles, we discussed the disappointingly average scores in U.S. secondary science compared with other nations,  and the impact of that poor […]

State of Science Literacy – Part 2 – Significance of Low Science Literacy in the U.S.

Americans recognize the profound need to focus on science education.  Actually, 97% of voters believe that, “improving the quality of science education is important to the United States’ ability to compete globally.”  (Something we can ALL agree on!)  Early science education is crucial not only to understanding the world around us, but also to create […]

What is Pictured? Hoarfrost or Rime Ice?

While winter may cause people in the north to endure exceptionally tough conditions at times, this season also provides an untouchable beauty. After a night of temperatures that reached below 0○F, I quickly fed some frosty animals on my farm and tried to ignore the biting sting in my fingers; then, I stopped in awe! […]

Endless Discoveries

Do you know what I love about science?  It is the ENDLESS discovery; the excitement of finding something really cool and learning along the way! This summer while hiking with my daughters, we came across this pink and fuzzy THING on an oak leaf. I had NO idea what it was!  caterpillar, no….fungus, no, ….disease, […]

Welcome to Jumbo Minds!

Introducing Jumbo Minds! The Jumbo Minds founders love – love – love science! My sister and I graduated from college with a biology major and chemistry minor, and my sister also taught science and math in elementary, middle, and high school. One day, while on vacation, she and I were talking about how to share […]