School Visits

A visit from an children’s science author or illustrator is a fantastic way to bring attention to both the excitement of science and reading. Meeting the author or illustrator can result in inspired and innovative readers, increase science literacy, and spark an interest in science!

To have an author/illustrator visit your school please email

Please keep in mind that most authors/illustrators charge a fee, plus travel, when visiting schools. Jumbo Minds does not take part in negotiating this fee, and does not pay the authors/illustrators’ travel expenses for school visits.

Below, find information for ordering books and ideas for planning a great event.

How to Order Books for Your School’s Author/Illustrator Appearance

All school orders receive a discount.  Send order forms to parents announcing the visit and allowing parents and children to pre-order books for the event.

Please allow at least three weeks before the author/illustrator visit for processing and delivery.

To place the order, email

Orders must be pre-paid.

Please include appropriate tax exempt documentation at time of order to avoid paying tax.

Before the School Visit:

  • Pre-order a copy or copies of the author/illustrator’s book to read with the class(es).
  • Discuss the story and brainstorm questions for the author/illustrator.
  • Have students illustrate their favorite part from the book and decorate the halls or classrooms with their work.
  • Create a banner or welcome sign for the author/illustrator to hang in the school lobby where parents, teachers, students, and the author/illustrator will see it.
  • Send a letter and order form home to parents informing them of the visit.
  • Order the author/illustrator’s books and create a display in the school library or lobby.
  • Contact your local newspaper, radio, and TV stations about the author/illustrator visit and place a blurb in your school newsletter publicizing the visit.

The Day of the School Visit:

  • Assign “student ambassadors” to greet the author/illustrator and show them around the school.
  • Have students welcome the author/illustrator with a performance or recitation of his or her work.
  • Have any props (i.e. projector, easel, arts and crafts material, microphone, etc.) ready for the author/illustrator.
  • Provide refreshments and/or lunch for the author/illustrator.
  • Have a question and answer time, when the author/illustrator will call on students or choose a question from a hat that the students have prepared in advance.

After the School Visit:

  • Have students write thank you letters to the author.
  • Include a summary in the school newsletter, and create a display with photographs of the event in the school library or lobby where parents, teachers, and students can see it.
  • Reread the author’s work and discuss students’ favorite moments from the visit.