What is Pictured? Hoarfrost or Rime Ice?

While winter may cause people in the north to endure exceptionally tough conditions at times, this season also provides an untouchable beauty. After a night of temperatures that reached below 0F, I quickly fed some frosty animals on my farm and tried to ignore the biting sting in my fingers; then, I stopped in awe! I hadn’t noticed the astonishing wonderland that surrounded me. Throughout the night, crystals had formed all over the farm. The trees were caked in sparkling beauty and there were fan-shaped crystals covering sticks and objects on the ground below. As painful as my fingers were, I took out my camera and took some pictures of these crystals and the stunning white paradise.



How do these crystals form and what causes them?

I figured these crystals were some kind of frost but I had to do some research to be sure!

From what I read, the crystals pictured are either hoarfrost (a type of frost) or rime ice.

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Endless Discoveries

Do you know what I love about science?  It is the ENDLESS discovery; the excitement of finding something really cool and learning along the way!

This summer while hiking with my daughters, we came across this pink and fuzzy THING on an oak leaf.


I had NO idea what it was!  caterpillar, no….fungus, no, ….disease, no!  I couldn’t figure it out.  We saved the mysterious object in the refrigerator and, off and on for weeks, we searched online trying to solve the mystery. Read more